PreFrontal Press

One of our local Brisbane fencers - James Bennett - famous for his 'Physics of Swords' workshop has been busy with the pen as well as the sword. He has called his self publishing adventure 'PreFrontal Press' and we are proud to have him along as a sponsor for Swordplay 2017.Check out his write-up below:


I'm excited to announce that I've written a novel! "The Tithe of Esra'Nell" is a high-fantasy tale chronicling the adventures of Bugen, a young warrior-priest who is summoned to the isle of Arcana to deal with a 'public relations' problem. Of course, things go horribly wrong, and magick, mayhem, and a little bit of fencing ensue.

The novel will be available as an e-book, with character art by Louise Horsley, and in hardcover print format, with beautiful illuminated initials by Tania Crossingham. Both formats will feature a fantastic cover by local artist Kyle de Silva.

More details will be given as they are finalised, including our new home on the web, which is being put together by Fox & Balloon (i.e. our familiar and friendly fencers Lenny Magner and Keagan Jervis).

Why "Prefrontal Press"?
I have striven to make this book fun and mentally engaging. Hopefully you will find your prefrontal cortex---the part of your brain responsible for decision making, planning, social coordination, and working memory---useful when reading this story.

Watch this space: I've started work on a hard sci-fi novel too! Its tentative title is "Mourning Star".