The Event


Swordplay 2017 is moving indoors!
Eagles Sports Complex
FR Caterson Park, 3 Weedon St W, Mansfield Q 4122

Guest International Instructors


Check the Workshops and Instructors pages for details

Joseph Swetnam rapier and dagger Rapier and Dagger Steaphen Fick
Longsword Longsword Steaphen Fick
The secret language of conflict Your mind Steaphen Fick
Fighter Fitness Your body Skye Hilton
Introduction to Jogo do Pau Staff Bill Carew
Fabris on cuts Rapier Woody Craig and Habibi Favila 
SA Sainct Didier (no longer available)    
1467, a Messy Fairytale - A Challenge from Julian Clark Single Sword / Rapier Alex Hughes
Meyer's Polearms Polearm James Handley
Applying medieval interpretation techniques to I.33 Sword and Buckler Christopher Blakey
Fiore Abracare and Dagger Dagger Christopher Blakey
Destreza Sword and buckler Sword and Buckler Sean Reichman
The principles of Bolognese Fencing Single sword Gindi Wauchope
Godinho's Art of Fencing Single sword / rapier Lois Spangler
Diminishing Geometries: Reconciling Meyer with MS3227a Sword and staff Daniel Pope
Physics of Swords Discussion / Lecture James Bennet
Concussion & Risk Management in HEMA Discussion / Lecture Stuart McDonald
Grounds for Fencers: a meta-theory of fencing Discussion / Lecture Mark Holgate


Full Schedule will be available once more registrations are completed - as we try to schedule the most popular workshops to meet the need.

Full timetable.


Thursday 7th Sept

  • Workshops

Friday 8th Sept

  • Workshops
  • Fun competitions: Spear, Dagger, Dussack
  • Informal Dinner: Newnham Hotel, 516 Newnham Rd, Mt Gravatt, from 630pm

Saturday 9th Sept

  • Competitions: Women's Mixed, Medium & Open Rapier, Medium & Open Sword & Buckler
  • Informal Dinner: Mt Gravatt Food Marketta, entry from Broadwater Rd, from 6pm

Sunday 10th Sept

  • Competitions: Medium & Open Longsword, Medium & Open Sabre