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Informal Competitions (weapons provided)

  • events tba

Formal Tournaments (BYO weapons) tba

  • Women's Mixed weapons
  • Rapier (Medium and Opens)
  • Sword & Buckler (Medium and Opens)
  • Longsword (Medium and Opens)
  • Sabre (Medium and Opens)

Categories are dependent upon minimum number of entrants.

Rounds will be conducted in pools; 1st, 2nd (top16), 3rd (Finals)

Each bout will be to 7 passes

Rapier Medium - choice of companion items

Rapier Opens - Round 1 rapier alone, Round 2 & Finals choice of companion items


Rapier - Thrust only except slices to neck and face

Rapier, Sword, Longsword:

  • Deep Target (Head, Neck Torso) 4 pts
  • Shallow Target (Limbs) 2 pts
  • Unequal doubles / afterblow - 1 pt for Deep target
  • Equal doubles / afterblow - 0 pt