This year we have a number of international and local instructors.


SteaphenFickSmall2Steaphen began his study of the European sword in 1989. He began at Renaissance Faires in California. He traveled around California competing in fully armoured tournaments for 6 years. He learned the art of sword fighting the old fashioned way, he got beat up a lot. The more time he spent in armour practicing and fighting the better he got, until he was the one that was training the newer combatants. 

In 1999 he traveled to Europe with his wife where he had the good fortune to spend over six months the UK studying Historic European Martial Arts and competing in every tournament he could find, as well as participating in large scale reenactments. 

In 2000 he began Davenriche European Martial Artes School (DEMAS) and began teaching longsword in his garage to children. As the word spread more and more people came to him to learn the art of the sword. As more came to learn, he began offering more weapons and systems to the students in his school. If 2003 he opened one of the first full time Western Martial Arts school in the world, and has been growing the school and spreading the word ever since. 

In 2015 DEMAS moved to its new location which is at an 8,700 sq. ft. building that teaches three tracks of classes. Medieval, Renaissance and Modern techniques. DEMAS offers classes in 

  • 14th-16th Century Long Sword  
  • 15th Century Dagger 
  • 15th -16th Century Wrestling
  • 16th Century Rapier 
  • 16th Century Side Sword 
  • 16th Century style Sword and Buckler
  • 17th Century Rapier and Dagger
  • 18th Century Sword and Shield
  • Quarterstaff and Poleaxe
  • Modern Knife fighting
  • Close Quarter Combat 
  • Tactical Fire Arms 

In addition to these classes, Steaphen teaches seminars in all these weapons plus specialized weapons and techniques.

Steaphen also offers a special class in street safety for women called “Be S.A.F.E.”(Secure, Aware, Free and Empowered) in which women are taught how to best avoid potential harm, deescalate a situation and techniques to escape from an attacker. 

You can find out more about Steaphen and DEMAS at: 

Skye Hilton

SoCal Sword Fight Portraits smallSkye Hilton is a NASM certified personal and small group fitness trainer. She has developed a small group class, Fighter Fitness, primarily for fencers and or martial artist focusing on footwork, agility, balance, strength and endurance. The exercises are tailored to be performed no matter your fitness level and address issues such as limited flexibly and muscle imbalances. She is also a sports nutritionist and specializes in corrective exercise, and myofascial release techniques.

Skye is a devotee of Italian Long Sword and is a HEMA Alliance Certified instructor. She currently instructs advanced long sword at Davenriche European Martial Arts School in Santa Clara, California as well as private classes. She also practices side sword, montante, and sword and shield. 

Woody Craig and Habibi Favila 

Edward (Woody) Craig and Habibi Favilla are young up and coming rapier specialists from the School of Historical Fencing in Melbourne.

James Handley

James started HEMA in 2012 with Adelaide Sword Academy with the intent to do armoured combat. He has studied Meyer as a main source for fencing, and for armoured combat studied other manuals such as Ambrosia Codex and Gladiatoria. This provided James a basic understanding of the context of how an armoured fight is played out, and he fought in full harness for a couple of years. James has returned to study unarmoured fencing through George Silver, I.33 and briefly Salvator Fabris while keeping Meyer as a main source.

Christopher Blakey

Christopher Blakey studied under Guy Windsor at SESH. He started PHEMAS Singapore in 2005 together with Greg Galistan and has been teaching and researching Fiore, CapoFerro, Sinclair and I.33 ever since.

Stuart McDonald

Head Program Developer, GLECA; Head of Research, Global Performance Testing Australia.

Stuart is an Accredited Exercise Physiologist, Accredited Exercise Scientist and all round nice guy. He’s owned and run a couple of commercial Pilates Studios and worked as a personal trainer in and out of gyms.

He is the Head Program Developer of the Glen Lachlann Estate College of Arms (GLECA). He is also the Head of Research for Global Performance Testing Australia, a sport performance testing company that runs performance testing events (fitness and health) collecting consistent, high quality data for athletes, coaches, and health practitioners.

He works as a change fitness coach; and the Holistic Care consultant for the Myeloma Foundation of Australia, providing support and education for patients of multiple myeloma, a terminal blood cancer.

He’s been a martial artist since the 1980s and has been involved in Western European Martial Arts for the last 14 years. A researcher in exercise and psychology and a trainer in anatomy, physiology and workplace health & safety, he is passionate about combining quality science with great swordplay coaching and practise. Oh, and he likes training, too.

Woody Craig and Habibi Favila 

Edward (Woody) Craig and Habibi Favilla are young up and coming rapier specialists from the School of Historical Fencing in Melbourne.

Bill Carew

Bill Carew started historical fencing in 2000 with the then HACA (later ARMA) Gold Coast group led by Craig Gemeiner. In 2003 Bill co-founded Collegium in Armis in Brisbane, to focus on the German longsword tradition. He has competed in various interstate tournaments, and presented classes and workshops in Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne. At Collegium in Armis he now practices and leads courses in longsword (Liechtenauer tradition), broadsword and sabre (British tradition), and staff fighting (Portuguese tradition of Jogo do Pau)

Chris Slee

workshop not available

Alex Hughes


Sean Reichman

Sean Reichman began European sword training in 2000. In 2011, Sean attended the Chicago Swordplay Guild WMA Workshop in the US, where Puck Curtis’ sessions on La Verdadera Destreza got him hooked. Puck fed his addiction by coming to Australia for Swordplay 12. In 2014, Sean returned to the US for the CSG’s 3-day renaissance fencing retreat, and him Iberian obsession took in La Esgrima Vulgar/Común following Tim Rivera’s workshops on montante and case of sword.
In December 2015 Sean started the Brisbane School of Iberian Swordsmanship to share his love of Iberian fencing in a safe, friendly environment. In April 2016 Sean and several instructors from BSIS travelled to Vancouver to attend the week-long Iberian Swordplay Workshop with Puck Curtis held by Academie Duello. This put BSIS in good stead to progress it’s syllabus. With the good luck of having a Spanish-speaking student who has been translating the Figueiredo manual, Sean has spent a great deal of this year interpreting “Figgy’s” advice on companion weapons into plays and principles to be taught, and testing them as a competitor in several major Australian tournaments.

Gindi Wauchope

Gindi Wauchope has been teaching medieval and renaissance combat using a variety of weapons since 2010. He started teaching with the SCA, then MSG, and now runs his own school teaching regular classes on Fiore, Italian Rapier, and Bolognese fencing.

Lois Spangler

Lois Spangler started her sword training with Deborah Klens-Bigman in the early aughts in New York City, primarily studying Muso Shinden Ryu iaido. A few years after arriving in the antipodes, she took up European historical fencing with Vanguard Swordsmanship Academy, and later joined Brisbane School of Iberian Swordsmanship at its inception in late 2015. She is Mexican-American and has worked as a professional bilingual Spanish/English editor in the US and Australia. When time allows, she translates bits of Spanish or Portuguese primary texts for use at BSIS and to inform and entertain the HEMA community and beyond.

Daniel Pope

Daniel's interest in HEMA began around 2005 when he first encountered an untranslated publication of Talhoffer. He began to investigate the various German sources in earnest as a way of complementing his training in traditional kenjutsu, jujutsu and judo, and after moving to Brisbane in 2009 he began training with groups such as Collegium in Armis (among others), gaining a wider knowledge of both interpretations and training techniques.

Since returning to Melbourne in 2012 Daniel has become one of the principal instructors at Fechtschule Victoria, and has in recent years begun to specialise in 16th Century German fencing after Meyer, using Longsword, Dussack, Sidesword and Polearms, as well as dabbling in military sabre of the 19th century.

James Bennet

Author, Physicist and Swordsman

Mark Holgate

Mark Holgate founded and teaches at Adelaide Sword Academy. He’s been kicking around doing HEMA since the late 90s, and is lucky enough that HEMA is now his full time job. His major focus is Joachim Meyer and a variety of 16th century masters